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How would your family meet the mortgage repayments if an accident were to befall the primary income earner?

Wealth Protection

Wealth protection incorporates a variety of insurance products to protect the wealth you have generated over the years. Types of insurance vary depending on your assets and personal circumstances and can be evaluated with the assistance of a financial planner.

The types of insurances available to individuals include;

  • Life Insurance;
  • Income Protection;
  • Trauma Insurance;
  • Total & Permanent Disability Insurance; and Business Insurance

At Solution Home Loans, we have access to an extensive network of financial planners who are available to assist you in evaluating your wealth protection needs. These finance specialists can help you to access protection for your family and your future to protect you from the unexpected. Benefits paid out in the event of an accident are able to be used for a number of purposes including: medical expenses; mortgage repayments; debt repayments; day-to-day living expenses and those costs associated with the loss of a primary income.

Contact Solution Home Loans Today to set an appointment. to discuss how we can assist you in protecting your wealth.