If you have had your loan for a while now, let SHL mortgage brokers conduct a free financial health check on your loans, to make sure they are still suitable for you, at the same time get a lower interest rate and improving your financial position.


If you have had your commercial loan for a while now, you should speak with an SHL mortgage broker today to conduct a financial health check to see if you can put yourself and your business in a stronger position. Competition is intense, so follow these easy steps to see if you can find a better deal.

Set Clear Goals

Setting distinct goals is the first step of any major financial decision. Knowing what outcome you want to achieve before and after the refinance process,

  • It may be to free up more cash flow to help the business do business more effectively
  • It could be to simplify and effectively manage the multiple loan repayments
  • It could be to lower the amount of interest payment, and have extra cash for further investments opportunities.

It will be easier to decide which path is most appropriate for you when your objectives are clear to you. This effort to identify your goals may save you time and cost in the long run.

The right finance options

Having SHL mortgage brokers by your side, makes the process easier, we do all the research and compare different products to determine which is most suited to your business and personal circumstance and inform you of what is available in the market, giving you that confidence you need to make such an important decision.

Right solution

Solution Home Loans mortgage brokers will constantly communicate with all parties involved in the process to ensure every aspect of the process goes smoothly. there may be duties or fees so it pays to have a clear budget of costs. It is also good at this stage to revisit your original goals and confirm if they are being satisfied.

Whatever your circumstances may be, SHL mortgage brokers are here to help you do business.

Contact Solution Home Loans today, for a free financial health check.