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Property InvestmentWhether you are a first time investor or you’re looking to expand your investment portfolio, there are many ways we might be able to help.

Property Investment

Investment properties may provide steady rental income, capital appreciation and tax benefits. The following are some additional considerations when buying an investment property to enhance your returns.

Good Returns

Returns on your investment will come through rental yields and capital gains. typical rental yields in the locations in which you are thinking of buying your commercial property and form a view on likely price appreciation.

First time investors

As a first time investor, you should first find out how much you can borrow and then consider what other costs you’ll have to allow for such as – stamp duty, building inspections, solicitor’s fees and insurance. Once you have found a property, it’s a good idea to get a pre-approval from your SHL mortgage broker.

Finding Quality Tenants

As commercial leases are longer than residential leases, finding a good quality tenant is important to your rental returns as well as your property value. Be sure to carefully structure your lease agreement and properly consider terms like rent reviews.

Development Potential

Development potential is another important consideration. Long-term returns could be greater if the property has scope for improvement and expansion. Check any existing lease agreements for clauses that may restrict or prevent you from development.

Whatever your circumstances may be, SHL mortgage brokers are here to help you do business.

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