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Every year thousands of foreign nationals, Australian expats and temporary residents decide to buy a home or investment property in Australia.

This page is designed to help you understand how the buying process works and how Solution Home Loans can help you to apply for a non-resident loan in Australia.

What you need to know!

Firstly you should read about how to buy property in Australia, followed by the rules for foreigners investing in Australia.

Note: You may need approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), depending on your circumstances.

How much can I borrow?

Most people buying real estate in Australia are able to borrow 80% of the property value.

In some cases it is possible to borrow up to a maximum of 95%. However, this depends on where you are living, if you are an Australian citizen or not, as well as the terms of your current visa.

To find out if you could be eligible to borrow over 80% LVR, speak to an SHL broker today to discuss your situation.

How do the banks view foreign investors?

Lending policy for non-resident home loans differs from bank to bank.

As a general rule, the banks take one of three different views on applications from non-residents:

  • Declined outright:These lenders either believe foreign citizens or overseas borrowers are a high risk, or their systems are not set up to be able to deal with customers that reside outside of Australia.
  • Lending restrictions apply:These lenders will accept Australian expats, temporary residents of Australia and foreign investors however, they may restrict the amount that you can borrow or require additional supporting documents.
  • Special lending parameters:A select few lenders actively pursue this market! They have special credit teams to assess applications from non-residents, and have 24-hour call centres to handle calls from overseas customers. They often have no restrictions for Australian citizens living abroad, and have flexible lending policies for temporary residents, particularly 457 visa and 309/310 visa holders.

Invest in Australian property!

With a booming economy and affordable locations, many foreign investors are buying properties in Australia.

If you’re looking to buy a house in Australia from overseas, you may wish to speak to our mortgage brokers.

We can advise you of your prospects of obtaining finance and help you apply with the right lender.

When you finally buy your investment property, you may wish to enlist the services of a real estate agent who will help you find suitable tenants for your house.

Why use us?

More Australians use a mortgage broker to obtain their home loan than any other method.

Unlike most other Australian mortgage brokers, we at Solution Home Loans are specialists in non-resident lending.

We can quickly find you the best deal from one of how lender panels.

More reasons to contact us:

  • Most of our services are FREE.
  • Solution Home Loans are specialised in non-resident home loans.
  • We are accredited with over 30 major banks and non-conforming lenders.
  • SHL are members of MFAA and COSL, we uphold the highest ethical industry standards.